satisfy all your searching needs with Quicksilver

You can use Quicksilver to search the web (Google [maps/images/groups/…], Wikipedia, imdb, youtube, amazon, ebay and many many more). For this purpose there is a special plug-in, named Web Search Module. To enable Quicksilvers web searching capabilities you have to

  1. install the Web Search Module by selecting it in the Plug-ins section of the Quicksilver preferences
  2. add the various search engines as a source for Quicksilver. You do this also in the preferences of Quicksilver: go to the Catalog section, there choose Modules, in there should be an entry called Web searches (from Check the box right next to it.

Now let’s do our first web search with Quicksilver:

  1. invoke Quicksilver
  2. type for example “yout”, the YouTube Videos Object should already be selected or at least one of the first ones in the list. You should see now three panes, where the second one is labeled Search for …
  3. Now hit Return, which should bring you directly to the third pane (a text input field). Just enter your desired search query and hit Return. For example enter “quicksilver” to find a 10 minute Quicksilver video tutorial.

Quicksilver Web Search Module

As said above, there are a lot of other search engines already included in the Web Search Module. Another nice thing is, that you can do this in reverse order also, like first enter a search term and then decide where to search for it. The appropriate action is Find with … instead of Search For …:

  1. invoke Quicksilver
  2. hit “.” to enter text mode, enter a search term, “yellow submarine” for example
  3. tab to the second pane and choose Find with … as action
  4. tab to the third pane and select your desired search engine, in our example case would be an appropriate search engine

Quicksilver Web Search Module 2

This is a very powerful plug-in. I use it every day, and it’s so much faster than going to a search engine website, locate the search field and enter the search query. You can do different searches without having to enter the search term more than once because the text you entered stays in Quicksilvers text input field until you enter something else. I use this often for translation (, getting a quick info about a movie you just downloaded (yes also bittorrent search engines are included) bought, while watching in fullscreen with VLC (, of course googling like hell (find with google maps is very handy) and wikipedia all the time.

You can also add your own search engines, but chances are that it’s already included. Short example for this task, it’s easy:

  1. go to your favourite search website and find out the search query URL, sometimes you can extract it out of the address-bar of your browser, sometimes you need to look into the page source to find out. For example we will search your favourite Quicksilver blog Qism :). Just type “something” into the search field in the upper right of this page and hit “search”. You notice, that the address-bar changed to “”. So we guess, that the string after “?s=” is the search term.
  2. now bookmark this page, give it a name like “Qism Search” and save it.
  3. now we need to modify this bookmark, you can edit bookmarks in all browsers I’m aware of, so go and edit the bookmark (in Camino this works by Bookmarks -> Show all Bookmarks -> select desired Bookmark -> get info)
  4. change the bookmarks target URL to qss-***, I hope you get the idea, add “qss-” in front of “http” and replace the search query (“something”) to “***”. Save the bookmark.
  5. invoke Quicksilver and hit Command-R to force Quicksilver rebuilding it’s catalogue, so that our new bookmark is recognized by Quicksilver. Voila a new web search for Quicksilver is born:

Web Search Module 3


3 Responses to “satisfy all your searching needs with Quicksilver”

  1. Jay McGavren Says:

    Had so much trouble tweaking the URLs that I wound up editing the plugin itself. Directions here:

  2. jasa Says:

    great plugin … You can do different searches without having to enter the search term more than once because the text you entered stays in Quicksilvers text input field until you enter something else…. i like that part

  3. Says:

    If anyone ever needed inspiration to start his or her own business, this book is the ideal place to find it.

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